FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:
12 Most Common Support Questions and Answers

How to establish your website in 3 simple steps – What do I need? 

The steps in establishing your private or business website are very similar to establishing a business or shop to sell your services or merchandise.

  1. To establish your Business, you will need to decide on a “Business Name” which you would register with your local Government Business Registration Office and renew it before the registration term expires,
  2. Next, you will need to find office or shop premises to conduct your business, and then,
  3. You need to outfit the premises with furniture and fittings and the display of the services or merchandise you want to sell.

 To have a private, business or shop front on the Internet you will need to have much the same items as those of establishing a Business Office or Shops.

  1. You will need to register your “Domain Name”, which we can do for you, with an Authorized Domain Name Registrar, (We provide this service and can register a domain name Internationally) so that we can find you on the Internet. Most Registrars, like ourself, also will host your domain name in order to maintain the register of ownership details, and re-direct of the name to the “Domain Web Site Host.” The choice of a good name is one that makes it relevant to your business and is simple to use and remember.  (More Information)
  2. Next, you will need premises for your Domain Name with a “Web Hosting Company” such as ours, to store and hold the information of your private or Internet Business web site, so that when someone wants to find you they simple enter your domain name address in their browser address line to display your web site and the information concerning it.
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  3. and then, you will need to “Outfit your Web Site.” That is to say that you (if you can do it) or someone else will have to write the page codes with the aid of an HTML editor or other program, to establish the pages of information that will display the private or business information for your web site. There are “Web Site Templates” that you can use, some are free and the more professional are purchased. Whichever, you still then need someone to edit (change) the template to input the information related to your private or business web site.
    Web Design and Web Maintenance Services assistance.
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We can arrange for a new or change an existing 56K Analog Dialup / Broadband Cable, ADSL or ADSL2+ Internet connection(s) for your Computer with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your area?

Obviously if you are reading this, you already have a connection to the Internet with an ISP or you are reading this on another Computer and need information on a new connection.

If you need advise on your existing ISP connection Plan or you are not satisfied with the speed or service of your existing ISP, we can help and advise you on these matters. (Click Here for Details)  

Why can I receive email ok, but get an error when trying to receive email?

Email sending problems are usually caused by one of two things:  

  1. Before sending email using your own domain name as the SMTP server, you need to first login to a POP email box on your domain.  When you login to check your email, the server records your IP address and grants your IP address access to the SMTP server.  This security measure prevents unauthorized users from using your domain to relay email through it.  Note that every time you disconnect from the Internet, or if more than 24 hours have gone by, you will need to login to a POP email account again before sending more email.
  2. If you are still unable to send email after checking a POP email account first, the problem is likely your ISP.  Many ISP's have now blocked port 25 which is required to access third party mail servers.  In order to get around this problem, contact your ISP and ask them for their SMTP server host name that you can use to send through.  This information may also be posted on your ISP's web site.  In most cases, switching to using your ISP's SMTP server will not prevent you from sending email from email addresses on your domain.  If your ISP is one that has both, Port 25 blockedand and also does not allow you to use their SMTP server for sending email from your own domain, then the person you are emailing will not notice any difference.

Why does it tell me invalid login?

If you are checking an email other than the original default email you must have your login name in this format email@yourdomain.com A common mistake is to leave of the @yourdomain.com part. If this doesn't work you can try it with email+yourdomain.com or email%yourdomain.com *Remember that login is all lowercase.

How do I fix common problems with FrontPage or fix the FrontPage Extensions are not installed message?

You need to Re-install the FrontPage Extensions. This will fix 99% of the problems you have with FrontPage. To do this
1. Log into cpanel
2. Click on the FrontPage Extensions Icon
3. Click re-install.
Make sure you are publishing to http://yourdomain.com and not ftp://yourdomain.com

Why don't my images show or why don't my links work?

It is likely that your link is pointing to a different location than the actual location of the image or file. This is very easy to troubleshoot:
1. Go to your page in the browser and right click on the image or link in question
2. Go to properties, this will give you exact address the link is pointing to.
3. Check for uper and lower case characters in the filename and extension, all servers are case sensitive, so it thinks that "image.jpg" "Image.jpg" and "image.JPG" are all different files.
4. If the character case isn't the problem, it is likely that the image isn't in the same directory as the link is pointing (going) to. You can verify which directory your file is in with your FTP program or with the File Manager in cpanel.

I am a new customer and can't bring my page up in the browser and email isn't working, why is this?

If you got a new domain or transferred the nameservers on your existing domain it can take 48 to 96 hours to propagate your new Domain or the change, to all of the nameservers throughout the Internet. During this time it is common for your web site to be up and have email not going through or to have some emails that work and some emails that haven't started to work as yet.

I made some changes to my site, but when I view it still has the old pages, why is that?

It is likely that you are pulling up cache (store) version of your page. To fix this hold down ctrl+shiift and clicking the reload page button. You can also try clearing your cache, on IE you go to the Tools Menu then choose Internet Options then click "Delete Files" make sure you tick the 'Delete all offlinecontent' box and then click on "OK" Also click on the "Delete Cookies" button to clear the cookies from the system.

Why can't I connect to my database or why does it tell me Access Denied for my database user?

Make sure your database name and database user are prefixed by your cpanel username_ For example demouser_dbname
For a script to access a database you must have a database username created and permissions granted for that user to access that database, you can set all this up right from your control panel. If you are getting a message such as, "Could not connect to the database" or "Access Denied", it is likely you need to create a user and add it to the database. To do this
1. Go to cpanel
2. Click on database manager
3. Create a user by typing in a username and password, then clicking Add User
4. Then match the user up with the database you want to add it to and click add user to db.

If it still gives you the error, double check that your script has the correct username in password, this info is commonly store in an "include" or "config" file, such as include.php or config.php To reset the password for a user, the only way to do this is to delete the user in cpanel and recreate a new or the same user.

You can also trouble shoot this from the command line if you have shell access with a couple simple commands
1. mysql -user -p database
This will check to see if a user can connect to a database
2. grep -R user *
*Make sure the user is your database username, this command will locate your the file which contains your database connection settings

Why are these email forwarders using so much disk space, all they do is forward to another email address?

There are 2 ways to create a forwarder, "with" and "without" a pop account.
1. If you want the emails to only forward and not leave a copy on the server, then only create the forwarder and be sure that there is no pop account created for that email address.
2. If you want to forward and be able to save a copy on the server, then create both the forwarder and pop email address account, and regularly check the pop account so it doesn't use up all your disk space on the server.

Why does it say Forbidden or Access Denied when I go to my home page?

This is likely because the permissions have been changed on your public_html folder. The public_html must have Owner: read, write, execute; Group:read, execute; Other:read, execute permissions, this is also called 755 permissions. You are able to change the permissions with most FTP programs by right clicking on the file name and selecting chmod(unix) or permissions. You can also change permissions with the file manager in cpanel.

Why doesn't my subdomain work?

It is most likely 1 of 2 things,
1. You need to wait up to 6 hours (allow 12) for the DNS of the subdomain to update, subdomains are not always active as soon as you create them.
2. You have setup an infinite redirect for the subdomain, by default a subdomain will direct the directory with the same name. For example sub.yourdomain.com will automatically go to yourdomain.com/subdomain, if you setup a redirect to this it redirects over and over. To fix this all you have to do is log into the cpanel and click remove redirection.



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